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Optimizing Group Performance
Cultivating Individual Potential
Peer Development
Individuals looking to grow their network, share knowledge, learn from their peers, and gain experiential learning can accomplish these goals and more utilizing the serve2perform® platform.
Whether you’re looking for career guidance or you have a desire to help others grow their careers, Mentorships enable you to accomplish both. Use this tool to find a match, establish a formal mentorship, develop a work plan and track the progress of the mentor relationship.
Mentorship Circles
Share your insights and knowledge with a group of individuals in person or virtually through web-conference. This feature provides an efficient model to mentor multiple mentees and for mentees to learn alongside peers who will contribute to their learning through a diversity of perspectives and experiences.
Job Shadowing
One of the best ways to learn is through experience. Post an opportunity for someone to shadow you or respond to an opportunity that interests you. Job Shadowing provides a platform to connect, share and learn while establishing a formal work plan and track your learnings.
Service based learning allows you to grow your leadership while giving your time and experience to a worthwhile cause. You can share volunteer opportunities, volunteer to fulfill your passion for giving back and use the Volunteer tool to track your activities and learnings.
Award and earn badges for achievements, contributions and deeds worthy of praise. Studies show that peer recognition improves engagement, productivity and the overall morale of teams.
Group Tools
Collaborate by sharing knowledge and insights with your group. These powerful tools facilitate communication and learning while creating a repository of valuable experiential, formal, and informal knowledge that sustains peer-to-peer learning.
Seek and post career and situational knowledge.
Collaboration Circles
Create small teams within a group to accomplish tasks and achieve goals. Utilizing the collective skills of a team, you can collaborate, delegate and track tasks.
Share Files and Resources
A repository of learning resources uploaded by group members and accessible to all group members.
On Demand Learning
Access our Virtual Learning Marketplace to procure additional learning products and services that cultivate increased individual potential and optimize group performance.
Group Pricing
  • One Private Group
  • Unlimited Seats
  • Unlimited Storage
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