"Our leaders are expected to develop and implement practical and scalable solutions to move our business forward. Through collaboration and working with us to solve real strategic challenges Adam and GPA {S2P} walk alongside our leaders, teaching them to learn and apply innovative, repeatable techniques that deliver higher levels of performance."

SVP of Sales, J.B. Hunt Transport Inc.

"Our ERG leaders have benefitted greatly from having GPA {S2P} facilitate several sessions for us on their value and how they can take their ERGs to the next level. The tools and resources they provided are exactly what our ERGs need to make an impact in our global organization."

Chief Diversity Officer, Corning Inc.

"I've worked with GPA {S2P} several times, all of them with excellent results. The serve2perform platform is a results-based machine that educated and inspires its participants to strive for more - to be more, to do more and to give more. GPA's consultants are authentic, talented and flexible. You couldn't ask for more."

Managing Partner, LBSB

"My experience with Adam and GPA {S2P} has been exceptional. I found GPA resourceful, attentive, and focused on developing the skills within our leaders to win. The holistic approach coupled and the SEAL platform is making a huge difference in our professional development."

Senior Vice President, Supply Chain - Walmart Inc.

Managing Partner, LBSB

"From startups and small companies to big businesses and 7 local Fortune 500 companies, Adam and his team are dialed into the pulse of Northwest Arkansas, and the team lives by what they mentor - Service! Their comprehensive programs will make you better, and I highly recommend Grandslam Performance for Senior Leaders and young professionals alike."

Retired Colonel, United States Air Force

"Adam has a contagious excitement that helps us understand, and then improve, the workplace through insightful leadership. The serve2perform model is nicely done and helps leaders visualize their pursuit of effective, meaningful leadership for their teams."

Chief Operating Officer, Nabholz Construction

"GPA's {S2P's} focus on connecting companies and communities with talent is a unique approach tot talent acquisition and professional development. GPA's solution driven approach for individuals, companies and communities allow all parties to benefit by building leadership capacity on multiple levels. Targeted leadership experiences paired with the exceptional mentorship model allows for increased participation that drives results."

National Vice President, Training & Quality Improvement, Boys & Girls Club of America

"I have rarely met a more entrepreneurial leader than Adam rubs off on his company. GPA {S2P} have made a real difference to several parts of our business and some of our most high potential leaders are fans of their work and impact."

VP. of Leadership Initiatives, Walmart U.S.

"I've had the pleasure of working with GPA {S2P} over the past 7 years in a number of different capacities. The Executive Development program continues to prove extremely valuable in our business. Adam and team have an incredible ability to assess higher level leaders and customize action plans specifically to help them create capacity. The strategic impact these leaders are having now on our organization has been transformational.  I would highly recommend engaging GPA to maximize the potential and output of your top leaders as soon as possible."

Executive Vice President, Fortune 500 Supply Chain Company

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