Our Name

We are in service everywhere and we can learn the skills that we need and apply them in real time everywhere we serve. 


Plain and simple, you can be of service while in the performance of your professional role. Being a good contributor to your company is the same as being a good contributor to your community.

The methodology of Serve2Perform, because it’s steeped in a values-based foundation and real-time experiential learning, serves to multiply the skill-sets that an individual may already have and their potential for growth.

We believe in performance 

outside of numbers and metrics, but we understand the value of trackable results. Our true measure of success is in holistically transforming people and activating their full potential. 


For us, human growth is often more qualitative than quantitative, but we have developed our own metrics so our clients can see growth and ROI in real-time.


Our Principles







People are only as effective as you allow them to be.

Serving others is the best way to learn and grow.

Serving others develops social capital which is the real source of influence, agility, and opportunity.

Service is the best way to develop talent, leaders, companies, and communities.

Everyone can make a difference if they’re empowered with a platform to do so.

Everyone and every place has a perspective, skill set, and set of experiences that are both significant and valuable.


Our Methodology

The standard approach many businesses take is backwards. To truly invoke positive and lasting change in an institution, we flip the process on its head. Rather than focusing on results and letting the pieces fall in line, we start at a company’s core.

First, we look at identifying the values of an individual or the shared values of a corporation.

Next, we dive into the practices of an 

organization or individual to see what is being done and how. We evaluate these practices every step of the way to ensure they are 

furthering or serving the 

aforementioned values.

Once the right practices are in place and we have the values to tie them back to, we see a culture start to organically form that enforces the core values.

Because this culture 

forms organically, it is driven by the people; it’s authentic. This 

authentic culture 

organically drives results because individuals have buy-in to the values. Consequently, this culture produces positive results with a multiplier effect—and it’s self-propelled.

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