Change Management

The S2P Change Management service allows for the development of change as a mindset rather than a process. Throughout these sessions, participants are able to self-reflect,  identify their different leadership styles, and develop the skills needed to increase influence as well as push forward change. 

Team Brainstorm

Within the Transformation Adoption process, SERVE2PERFORM provides a customized Go To People plan aligned to enable your Go To Market plan for any and all new business transformation. We do this by focusing on building two key areas: Capability and Capacity. 

Business Conference

Through the capability process we focus on four key areas including Alignment, Mindset, Skillset, and Toolset to enable your leaders in adapting to new transformations. Through these four key areas the customized Go To People Plan is developed and put into practice. 

Business People Mingling

Through the capacity process we personalize an engaging Transformation Adoption certification program including training, material completion, and coaching engagements. The TransformaTion Adoption Mentors are certified  leaders who utilize their Transformation Adoption skill developments to drive adoption to people and leaders throughout the organization. 

Purpose of TAM Certification:

To educate, empower, and engage cohorts of leaders on business transformation, the adoption process, and to provide a company/organization with the internal capacity to adequately support employees, at all levels, embrace and enable the adoption of any and all transformations.


Expected Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the scope, scale, and significance of a business transformation.

  • Understand and align on the differences between a business transformation and organizational change.

  • Understand the correlation between employee behavior metrics and business metrics.

  • Understand your company’s business transformation.

  • Understand the organizational process required to help a business and employees enable and adopt business transformations.

  • Understand the mindset required to adapt to a business transformation.

  • Understand why each business transformation requires reskilling and/or upskilling.

  • Understand why mindset shift and skillset shift are essential before introducing tool sets.


Expected Participant Capabilities:

  • Communicate the why, the what, and the how of business transformations.

  • Communicate a company’s business case for their business transformations.

  • Expand the number and diversity of relationships in their network at JBHunt.

  • Develop trust, social capital, and influence with colleagues at all levels.

  • Teach new knowledge in a clear and succinct manner.

  • Serve and empower employees at an individual and group level.

  • Inspire employees to act with a sense of urgency.

  • Engage company support services and resources to help them help their teams and other employees.

  • Mentor employees in an empathetic and compassionate manner to change behaviors as needed.

  • Solve problems in a resourceful and resolute manner.

  • Encourage and welcome feedback and adapt as needed.

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